In Arita, the birthplace of Japanese porcelain, the pottery FUKAGAWA-SEIJI has approximate 120 years history, and has been sticking to hand techniques for all porcelain productions. "The almost transparent white porcelain" produced by only being baked at high temperature and "Unique design" facinate porcelain lovers all over the world. FUKAGAWA-SEIJI was appointed as Japanese Imperial Household Agency with high evaluation, not only Japan but also Europe. Many suitable items are assorted as souvenir.


Gallery Chujikan
In the gallery Chujikan, both the first president, Chuji Fukagawa’s works and items inherited his style are exhibited together. So gallery Chujikan is a landmark where all Fukagawa’s style could be seen. Gigantic temple Jar which won the gold medal award at the Paris World Expo held in 1900 possessed at Fukagawa head store museum as a monumental piece which has never been lent out over century has been shown to the public at the gallery Chujikan of China On The Park since its twentieth anniversary. The reason we exhibit range of the then masterpiece and new works together is that we are proud that we refine our works as modern tableware without imitating Chuji’s work. So the Fukagawa style holds appeal at this point.

Customers can enjoy original French cusine cooked by Mr. Kanahori, master chef of restaurant Kurinto while using Fukagawa’s tables ware and local food materials. This chef visited France and Italy number of times to search for excellent reputation as a wonderful direction of Fukagawa-Seiji’s items since it is located in good nature. You can enjoy fresh local food stuff with scenery changes by four seasons.

Jikikura is recognized as a only outlet store under direct management of Fukagawa Seiji’s factory. Therefore Jikigura is known to Fukagawa pottery fan as a treasure house where they can seek discontinued items, individual pieces from set and unique one only found there. Porcelin lovers could obtain “odds and ends”from warehouse and bargain hidden at warehouse other than irregular pieces at special reasonable pieces.

Toshiko memorial gareden
Toshiko memorial garden is located in China On The Park. The lavender is planted as a memory of Susumu Toshiko who was a wife of Susumu Fukagawa, the second president. She was born in Asahikawa located in central of Hokkaido in 1905. During her girl’s high school age, she fell in love with Susumu Fukagawa, and decided to marry him. Then she came over to Arita, a little country town in is when she was 19 years old. It took 48 hours to come Arita from Tokyo by train. When she came down to Arita town, her dress was topic conversation. Those days kimono was common, but she wore western clothes and hat with red roses, and violin in her arms. After the neighborhood who was a best friend told about her “I think as if she was as angel” She got 3 sons and 10 years later, she died and became a real angel. Every year the clean and beautiful lavender is grown with a good care as a memory of Toshiko.